Finding Ava; Parking Nearby

304 North Craig Street is just off Centre Avenue in North Oakland. Formerly Luna Bar & Grill. Across from Logan’s Pub, Chief’s, Craig Distributing and All India. Adjacent neighbors are Sultan Bey, Thrifty Dry Cleaners and The Pittsburgh Poparazzi.

Parking directly in front of Ava on Craig is not permitted. Parking further down Craig is at a premium after morning rush, but no-limit spots are available all the way up to Baum Boulevard on both sides of the street.

If no spots are open on Craig, you’ll then need to loop around Baum, Melwood & Centre, instead making a left onto Craig and parking in the municipal lot there (25¢ for 15 minutes), katty-korner from Ava. There’s also a (24-hour) CVS at that intersection, with a large parking lot… perhaps you need some reading material for your breakfast at Ava? 

Good luck & hope to see you soon!


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