Welcome back Students!

It’s that time of year again. For me, it’s been since 1999 the last time I was in Oakland for move in week; so I’m feeling a little nostalgic here (and old).  If your moving into North Oakland and need a locate your neighborhood cafe-hang out spot ASAP, AVA Cafe & Lounge is located at 304 N. Craig St. off of Centre Ave.

Cafe operations run Tue-Sat 11a-7p serving a Global-Fusion selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Meat and Veggie/Vegan options.  Bread & Cookies from Allegro Hearth Bakery; Coffee from Prestogeorge in the Strip. Grab a lunch to go or bring your laptop and setup your 2nd office (strong WIFI signal).

Plus we have events 4-5 times a week. Follow us on the Twitter at @avapgh | FB AVA Cafe & Lounge | http://www.avapgh.net for event updates.

Thank you  for your support,



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