Coffee & Soft Drinks

Full Menu PDF

HOT Drinks

Coffee 2
includes refill!

Carafe 5
serves four

Ava au Lait spiced brown sugar coffee & milk 4
Mandorla sweet almond milk latte 4
Vanilla Toffee vanilla latte with caramel 4
Mayan Cafe cinnamon mocha 4
Vanilla Latte 4
Shot of Espresso 2
Cappuccino Latte, Shot in the Dark 3
Americano 2.75

Monin syrup, soy cream, whip cream 50¢

Maté Latte mostly tea, some milk, agave or honey 4

Hot Tea green, lemon verbena, rooibos, maté 2

Hot Chocolate dark chocolate, any milk & whip cream 4

Thai Iced Coffee
espresso, coffee & sweetened condensed milk 4

Iced Coffee 2.25

Iced Tea green, rooibos, maté 2

Lemonade fresh-squeezed sweeten with Agave 3

Root Down root beer & espresso 3

orange, cranberry, V-8 2

IBC Root Beer, Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew  2.25



4 thoughts on “Coffee & Soft Drinks

  1. What the hell. Looked up the top bars In the brugh and this f’n place comes up. ! Wtf ! Sorry ur not even a restaurant !

    • Sorry Chris,

      We moved operations last year and we’re still in the process of transferring our liquor license. What you saw was probably referring to AVA when we were in East Liberty. Should be up in full swing by August.

  2. Any developments on that liquor license? I’m looking for a nice jazz bar with draft beers to hang out on the weekends. Live jazz isn’t as popular as it used to be and I’m trying to find a close jazz place with decent beer selection.


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